Good for you and our oceans

We develop delicious and nutritious alternatives to fish and seafood to save our oceans from overfishing.

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  • Now new: Happy Ocean Tyuna

    The highest quality herbal Tyuna you've ever tasted. With large, juicy pieces.

  • Happy Ocean Shrimps

    Our Shrymps trio.
    Natural, garlic-herbs and as a breaded version with panko breading.

  • Coming soon: HAPPY SALMYN

    Vegetable salmon in pieces? You'll soon be able to enjoy it here too.

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    Start-ups, ideas, acting together: We are the generation that can change something. For us, the oceans and those who come after us. We respond to global problems with entrepreneurial solutions.

    We offer an alternative to the animal original because the oceans have poor ratings without rethinking.

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