Good things follow good vibes. Jede:r Einzelne kann einen Unterschied machen. Wir geben den Ozeanen eine Stimme. Und das schlägt Wellen. Für gesunde Weltmeere. Für einen gesunden Planeten.
Robin & Julian, Co-Founders


Inspired by the impressions of our many travels, we realized that sustainable nutrition will be one of the greatest challenges and opportunities of the future.

As avid surfers and nature lovers, we decided in 2019 to create a brand for authentic alternatives to fish and seafood. Alternatives that are delicious and help protect our oceans.

A brand that invites you to explore new paths with a pinch of happiness.

Save the ocean. Make a difference. Create impact.


    Eating more plants – not just a trend, but an absolute necessity: by 2050, the world population will increase to ten billion people. To feed them all, we would need the resources of three Earths. That's why we use the incredible potential of plant-based foods for our Happy Ocean Food: They are sustainably scalable and, with countless types, offer an inexhaustible wealth of taste variation.

    We would like to tap into this wealth for you and develop more delicious products. For a food system that will still function in 2050.

Together with CleanHub, we collect 1 kg of plastic waste in coastal regions of Indonesia for every 1 kg of plastic that we produce with our 150 g Happy Ocean Shrymps pack before it can enter the sea - true to the motto: Happy Ocean, Happy You.

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