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Happy Ocean Tyuna

6x 160g/pack

Variety: 1x Tyuna 160g

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  • 100% pflanzlich.
  • Große, saftige Stücke.
  • Authentischer Geschmack.
  • 19g Protein auf 100g.
  • Gut für dich & die Ozeane.

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Shipping and returns

We ship with standard shipping in Germany for €3.90. For our return policy see here


Store sealed at max. +7°C. Consume within a few days after opening.

Shelf life: Use within 63 days of shipment.


Ready to eat. Can be eaten cold or cooked.

  • THE FIRST TUNA ALTERNATIVE with large, juicy pieces.

    We are setting new standards with our Happy Tyuna - in addition to large, juicy pieces, our new product is also packed with protein and free of unwanted additives. We use high-quality plant protein and provide you with a wealth of important nutrients, without any added sugar.

that's what's in it

Our Happy TYUNA consists mainly of pea and wheat protein and only contains 10 selected ingredients. The macro nutritional values ​​correspond to 90% of the nutrient profile of real tuna.


    ✔ Only 10 ingredients
    ✔ Vegetable proteins

    ✔ 19g protein per 100g
    ✔ Natural flavors


    ✘ Preservatives
    ✘ Stabilizers
    ✘ Microplastics
    ✘ Heavy metals

What's cooking?

Versatile and ideal for pasta, sandwiches or salads: Our Happy Ocean Tuna goes well with any dish and can be eaten cold or warm.

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