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HAPPY SHRYMPS BUNDLE: 2x Shrymps natural, 2x Shrymps garlic herbs

Variety: 2x Shrymps Natural 110g & 2x Shrymps Provencal 110g (= 440g)

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  • 100% pflanzlich.
  • Authentischer Geschmack.
  • Pflanzliche Proteinpower*.
  • Gut für dich & die Ozeane.

Die Mindestbestellmenge für unsere Shrymps beträgt 4 Packungen.

*Proteins contribute to maintaining and increasing muscle mass

Shipping and returns

We ship with refrigerated shipping in Germany for €5.99. For our return policy see here


Refrigerator storage. Shelf life: see best before date. Do not freeze.


Cooked and suitable for direct consumption.

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  • This is how we like our products to be.

    Our products like to stay cool after shipping, so keep them in the refrigerator.

    If stored correctly, you can adhere to the corresponding best before date on the outer packaging, which is usually at least 2 weeks. Already open? Then you should use our products within 48 hours.


    ✔ 100% taste

    ✔ Source of Omega-3
    ✔ Vegetable protein source
    ✔ High quality ingredients


    ✘ Preservatives
    ✘ Stabilizers
    ✘ Microplastics
    ✘ Heavy metals

What's cooking?

There are no limits to your creativity when preparing our products. Whether in bowls, in salads, on pizza or with pasta - spiced up with our products, every plant-based dish goes from standard to special.

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